Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Seven swans a swimming, six geese a laying...

We met some lovely geese yesterday as we walked through Kensington Gardens on our way to a Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall (yes, we did sing the 12 days of Christmas). They weren't laying and there were definitely more than six of them, but they made us feel very Christmassy and were a nice surprise!
Egyptian Goose

Look at those knobbly knees!
Greylag Goose

Synchronised goosing!

Canada Geese

The seven swans a swimming paraded past us as they headed over to some people feeding the birds nearby.
There were a few more than seven, but you get the idea!
Mute swan
There were also tufted ducks, coots, pigeons and a flock of black headed gulls
We saw a crow with some white feathers, which may be leucistic, where the affected feathers lack the melanin pigment so appear white.

The grass was covered in starlings ...

... and we were entertained by the very tame resident squirrels.

Then we found the Albert Monument with the Royal Albert Hall behind it.

We even managed to find an elephant and a camel in the park! They were made of stone and sat on the corners of the Albert Monument, but were still pretty cool! They represent Asia and Africa, with a bison for the Americas and a bull for Europe on the other two corners.

It may have been raining and really windy, but walking through park to get to the hall was lovely and all the wildlife was a real bonus.

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