Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Bug Mad Girl's 2015 best bits

My favourite things about 2015 (by Bug Mad Girl):

Top of the list has to be the huge great green bush-crickets at Yoesden bank, because they're awesome. I loved looking for them and think they look like real mini-monsters. It was really great when one crawled up somebody's leg and body, then sat on their shoulder for ages.

The Ragpits at Aston Clinton are probably my favourite place to visit. It's so unusual there and always feels a bit like were on the moon when we visit, with the hilly craters that are great fun to run up and down. I love to lift up the corrugated iron sheets and see if there are any slowworms underneath (which there often are). It's also always full of lots of beautiful butterflies.

The Roman snails at Grangelands are brilliant because they're massive and really slimy. If it's a rainy Spring day then it's really good fun to go and see them.

We had a lot of fun searching for striped lychnis caterpillars during the summer.  We were helping to monitor the numbers of these rare moths and had to hunt all over one of our local hills and count the caterpillars and their foodplant (Dark Mullein). Go Team Lychnis!

I found a Pilot whale vertebrae on the beach in Ireland. It was big, smelly and brilliant and is my best ever beach find!

We ran the moth trap in our back garden during the summer. Opening it up in the morning and finding all sorts of brilliant moths was a lot of fun. My favourites were the elephant and privet hawkmoths and the lovely buff tips and pale tussocks that pretended to be my rings.

We joined a glow-worm walk on Brush Hill and found lots of glow-worms. They're so cool and they really do glow!

Finally, I was awarded a highly commended in the BBC Wildlife Blogger Awards, which is a real honour and very exciting.

Hope you all have a brilliant  New Year and I'm really looking forward to seeing what great adventures we have next year.

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  1. What a great year it has been for the both of us! What is on BMG's list for next year?