Thursday, 17 December 2015

Having a good day!

Today has been a pretty exciting day. Firstly, a guest blog that I wrote for BBOWT, about a wonderful reserve called Yoesden, was published in the Bucks Examiner. Half a page in the local paper, along with some of my photos, is a real honour!

Then later in the day we found out that Bug Mad Girl had been awarded Highly Commended in the BBC Wildlife magazine Blogger Awards. Another great honour and very exciting news.


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for adding the link as it was because of that I found out I was commended too! Sadly, I cannot login to update my blog status anymore or even make a different user name. So you will not find me there anymore :(

  2. Oh no, what's happened? Surely you can get the password reset somehow?
    Congratulations to you too. Very much deserved!

    1. all sorted now :) I did everything from changing passwords to changing profiles, but I still couldn't get on. Its all fixed now though after finally contacting BBC Wildlife.