Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Art Show

Ho ho ho, welcome to my Christmas art show! 

I hope you enjoy looking at all my art and have a wonderful Christmas! 

Love Bug Mad Girl (age 10) x

1. Foxylox
1. I drew this fox at the art club I go to. I used oil pastels and smudged all the different colours together to make a fur like effect.

2. Christmas Robin
2. This is a Robin I drew for my Dad to make into a Christmas card for the Lymphoma Association. I used my special colouring pencils and I blended the colours in the chest together to create an orangey-red colour. Mum and Dad used this as their Christmas card this year.

3. Twirly Bird
3. I drew this bird at art club. I used a mix of water colour paint and colouring pencils for a nice washy background, then drew around the bird and tree in black pen to make them stand out. 

4. Ink-a-fly
4. This is a butterfly I drew at art club. I used inks by dabbing the paper with water then dripping a blob of ink onto the water so it spread out and made a nice effect. I displayed this one at the Longwick Art Show.

5. Fishing
5. This is a kingfisher that I made with water colour paints and collage. I drew a kingfisher then stuck bits of newspaper and sheet music onto it and painted it.

6. The Dark Owl
6. This is one I did in my spare time using chalk pastels. I used the pastels to go over the outline of an owl I drew, then did a bit of smudging to get the effect of the wings.

7. The Webber
7. This is another picture I did at art club and displayed at the Longwick Art Show. I drew a web shape with wax crayon then painted over it with water colour paints.

8. Big Bluey
8. This is a Pilot Whale I drew after I found a vertebrae from a Pilot Whale on the beach. I used blue colouring pencils to carefully colour it in then found out some facts about Pilot Whales and wrote them in the corner.

9. Woody-wood-wood-wood
9. This is a green woodpecker I drew at home with my colouring pencils. I used shading to get the colour of the wing just right.

10. Colour Fish
10. This is a multicoloured fish I painted at art club. After I'd painted it I went over some of it in black to really make it stand out. 

11. The Majestic Bird
11. This is a red kite I drew at art club. I copied a picture of a red kite then coloured it in with coloured pencil, blending the colours on the wing. 

12. Little Angel
12. This is an angel that I drew at home and shaded with coloured pencils. It's a self portrait of what my mum thinks of me. 

13. Bug Mad Girl Self Portrait
13. ... and this is a real self-portrait of me, a Bug Mad Girl!

Thank you for looking at all my art!

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  1. Very well done. I enjoyed looking at them very much.