Friday, 4 December 2015

Pyrtle Spring in December

It's been a few days since my last post because I've been a bit bogged down in the Christmas madness. The kids seem to be doing so many things at school at the moment, which is all good fun, but exhausting and time consuming! Anyway, today I made time for some very welcome fresh air and headed over to Pyrtle Spring to see how it had changed since our last visit a month ago. We've been visiting every month for the last year and you can read about it's special place in my families history here.

The spring was definitely looking wintery. The solid wall of green, formed by the huge horse chestnuts edging the banks of the spring, had gone. Their leaves were dropped, leaving the trees looking stark and bare.

Down in the bottom of the spring, the massive trees looked amazing. Hanging onto the edge of the bank, they loom over you, seeming so much taller than when they're in leaf. They make it feel so atmospheric and such a special place.

The spring was dry, although the dog could be relied on to find the only muddy puddle in the place!

I explored the base of the spring and found a few treasures hiding away ...

Shaggy parasol

Sulphur tufts

There were a few slugs out and about

Some of the patterns in the bark were really beautiful
After a good look round, I headed for home and admired the fantastic Chiltern views to both sides of me. It's been a real joy to visit the spring throughout the year and it will always be somewhere very special to me.
Culverton, with Bledlow Ridge (and Yoesden Bank) in the distance, on one side

Oakley Hill to the other side
Then I spotted a couple of dandelions in flower. Such cheery little flowers and a very pleasant surprise to see their bright yellow flowers at this time of year. A great way to end my visit!

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