Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December primroses at Yoesden

I made the most of the sunshine this morning and went for a final stroll around Yoesden before the new year. It was a great way to clear my head after the excesses of Christmas and as usual I wasn't disappointed by what I found there.

As I walked through the meadow to get to the reserve, I was welcomed by a green woodpecker, who flew across in front of me to some nearby trees. Then I walked through to the reserve and was very surprised to find primroses in flower. It's still December, so I think that makes them at least 2 months early!

I sat and watched the red kites for a while. They seem to think spring has arrived and were chasing each other around and diving in unison. It looked a lot like they were 'courting' to me.

The reserve felt all tucked up for the winter, ready for the spring to burst forth. Despite all the recent mild weather and unseasonal flowers, I don't believe we can really be seeing the start of spring... not in December!
Bird's eye view of the reserve from the 'Hole in the woods'
There were still plenty of signs that we're still in winter. The berries had been stripped from the bare bushes, although the birds had still missed the odd one or two.

There were a few meadow waxcaps in the grass
I believe I saw a bullfinch in one of the trees. It's a terrible photo I'm afraid, but it clearly has a pinky/red chest and black head, so I think that must be what it was. Not something I've seen very often.

I'm looking forward to spring really appearing and spending lots more time at Yoesden next year.


  1. It's amazing my walk today was also full of unseasonal findings, from a cherry in blossom to Robins in full song we really are having a crazy winter this year. And I was lucky enough to have a Red Kite fly over, although just the one.

    Oh and that is a definite Bullfinch, nice :)

    1. Thanks! It is a crazy winter ... lets just hope it all sorts itself out or else we could have a really strange 2016!

    2. Yep, a male bullfinch at that. They are shy birds, so you are lucky to see one. I know people who have not seen one before. Happy New Year!

    3. Thanks Sean. Hope you have a wonderful New Year too!