Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Small Tortoiseshell

I found this Small Tortoiseshell in the house today, probably looking for somewhere to spend the winter. I don't mind him being in the house, but it gets too hot for them when the central heating is on and they wake up thinking Spring has come early. Then they're faced with wintery conditions outside and no nectar to feed on. So, I carefully moved him into the greenhouse, where he should do much better, or else can fly off and find somewhere else to spend the winter.

They have amazing patterns on the tops of their wings, but the underside is beautiful too. I'd never spent much time looking under their wings before, but they look like they're covered in gold leaf. Truly stunning!

There are a few other butterflies that can overwinter as adults, including Brimstones, Peacocks and Commas.

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