Thursday, 27 November 2014

Back garden birdies

I was at home all day today and spent quite a lot of it watching the birds in the garden. After a really dreary start it turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon and the birds were making the most of it. It's nice to think that many of the birds I saw today could be our grown up babies that fledged over the summer.

My friend the robin came and asked for his mealworms. He looks in the window at me and I just know he's telling me that he's here and would really like some food please.

The Sparrow family had a very busy day. They are the 'bruisers' of the bird table, pushing the smaller blue tits out of the way and constantly chattering. I read somewhere that the more black the male sparrows have on their throat, the higher up the pecking order they are.

A male blackbird hopped around the lawn, picking up leaves and throwing them around the garden. He was very busy and totally ignored me being there.

The shy little dunnocks hid in the shadows, only daring to go to the bird feeders when no other birds were around.

The lovely Blue Tits were enjoying the peanuts. They're such cheery little birds and so colourful.

The woodpigeons spent most of the day sat in the trees. They're such dopey birds, but they were keeping a sneaky eye on me.

The red kites were flying around and one was sat in his favourite tree 2 or 3 gardens away. He sits there and calls every 30 seconds for hours each day. He sounds very sad and forlorn, like he's lost something (or someone).

Sat in his tree, with the other kites flying around above him

Looks a bit like he's yawning, but he was actually calling (all day)
The a heron flew past - bit of a surprise!

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