Sunday, 9 November 2014

A day in the life of a sparrow

Bug Mad Girl loves the sparrow family that hang out on our patio, talking to them out of the window and shouting "chap" a lot. So, when her homework this week was to write a poem about something she liked, the sparrows were the obvious choice. She also decided to paint a picture of Daddy sparrow to go with it.

This is what she came up with ....

A day in the life of a sparrow
          by Bug Mad Girl
Flapping sparrow flying up high,
Daring sparrow up in the sky,
Playful sparrow swooping low,
Brave sparrow putting on a show.
Lonely sparrow on the ground,
Little sparrow looked into a mound,
Lucky sparrow saw a friend,
Happy sparrow played to days end.

Scared sparrow dived straight down,
Helpless sparrow almost drowned,
Soggy sparrow flies away,
To tell his tale another day.
Yawning sparrow on a twig,
Wearing his nighttime wig,
Sleepy sparrow tucked up tight,
Dreamy sparrow says goodnight.

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