Monday, 10 November 2014

Little bugs and big birds

I had a look around the garden today. It was all a bit quiet, but I did find a few bugs still out and about. There are still some aphids on the nettle patch, but the ants that guarded and herded them all summer have disappeared.

Then I noticed that the plastic slide and climbing frame was covered in newly hatched bugs. At first I thought they were baby spiders, but on closer inspection they only had 6 legs. I'm not sure what sort of bugs they were, but there were lots of them! 

A few of the other bugs I found ....
A dead crane fly - I think a spider had got this

An egg sack - maybe from a spider or the bugs that were on the slide

A slug in the greenhouse, crawling in behind a big spiders web

A tiny snail
Then the red kites started diving into the neighbours garden. There were a few seagulls around (we're a long way from the sea, but we usually see them when it's stormy by the coast) and they were very interested in whatever the kites were diving for. The kites kept chasing them away, but they didn't seem to care very much and were soon back trying to get the food. They were really upsetting the kites.

As usual I was just a little bit too late to get a good photo of them diving. They're just so fast and it's hard to predict exactly when they'll dive or from what direction. Anyway, this is my 'nearly' shot!

Just a second too late - a red kite diving into the neighbours garden

The seagulls were making the kites very angry

Red Kite

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