Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pulpit Hill Fort and the giant squid

I took Bug Mad Girl up to the hill fort on Pulpit Hill this morning. It was very foggy and the spiders webs were covered in water droplets, which all made it feel very atmospheric.

When we got into the circular hill fort, Bug Mad Girl spotted a giant squid swimming through the gloom.
The giant squid head on
We found lots of squid eggs underneath it - must have been a female squid!

There were several new types of fungus within the hill fort, that I had never seen before. These lovely shiny black ones were growing on the side of a tree stump and are called Batchelor's Buttons,


This was growing at the bottom of the tree stump with the Batchelor's Buttons on it. Not sure what it is, but it was very large.

These Common Yellow Russelas were growing in the leaf litter - there were lots of them within the hill fort, but we didn't see them anywhere else in the woods.

We only saw one of these - I think it's called a Grey Milk Cap.

This is called Palamino Cup and is similar to Orange Peel Fungus (except it's not orange!)

Bug Mad Girl found a very muddy patch and enjoyed jumping in it. She also climbed in the hole left by the roots of a huge fallen tree.

There were lots of slugs out in the damp weather. No doubt they were making the most of all the fungus food. We found one Roman Snail, but it was only a shell. I think they must all be tucked up for the winter by now.

Roman Snail shell

A few of our other fungal finds ....

Amethyst Deceiver

Two types of bracket fungus

A clump of Fairies Bonnets that are going over

Fairies Bonnets

A new clump of Fairies Bonnets growing through the leaves

Fungus growing on a huge tree gall

A furry fungus

and another

Jelly Ear

Old bracket fungus that looks a bit like pine cones

Puffballs that have puffed their spores and are turning to goo

Large white Wood Mushrooms in a ring around a tree

Yellow Brain Fungus

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