Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tree climbing at Coombe Hill

The sun was shining again, so this morning we headed up to Coombe Hill to admire the great view and climb a few trees.

Coombe Hill is one of the highest points in the Chilterns and used to be part of the Chequers estate (country estate of the Prime Minister), until the land was given to the National Trust in the 1920's. At the top is a monument to the Buckinghamshire men who died during the Boer War and there are great views out over the Vale of Aylesbury.

The path through the wood opens out to reveal the view in the distance
The monument on the top of the hill

Chequers can be seen from the monument
The view from the top - Beacon Hill is the grassy hill, Pulpit Hill is the
wooded hill to the left and Bledlow Ridge is in the distance
We headed back into the woods so the kids could climb some trees. This one was a particular favourite and needed a big hug!

There are some great trees in the woods up there. These are very old coppiced beech trees, that look a bit like they're wearing a thick fur coat.

There were lots of lovely climbing trees and we even found a dragon disguised as tree - all we could see were it's nostrils and belly button!

The dragon's nostrils - luckily it was asleep!

and it's belly button

Some of the other little gems that we discovered ...

The woods will be full of bluebells in a couple of months

Orangey-red, flat fungus growing in a tree stump - maybe beefsteak fungus

Gorse - looking dramatic against the blue sky

The honeysuckle has started to grow leaves

This tiny red weevil was out and about on a tree trunk

This huge tree gall wrapped right around the tree trunk
and looked a bit like a bear hanging on to the tree

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