Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snowy Whiteleaf Hill

We woke up to a surprise covering of snow on the ground this morning. We pulled the kids to school on their sledges, then after dropping them off, headed up the hill to the top of Whiteleaf Hill.

The cross on Whiteleaf Hill
Crunching through the snow, there were lots of different tracks around...

Large print - could be a deer 

Very shallow, oval shaped print - maybe a rabbit?
No idea what made that print. It seemed
to be making a straight line in the snow as
well as the prints

4 toes and quite a long print - maybe a fox?

Climbing up the steep path, the trees were heavy with snow and everything sparkled. In the same way that the sun coming out makes everything feel beautiful, a covering of snow makes it feel magical and special. A rare treat for us!
Looking back down the path

The view from the top of Whiteleaf Hill. Princes Risborough below with
Bledlow Ridge just visible in the distance

After admiring the view for a while, I slipped my way back down the hill, then cut through the churchyard to get home. Again, a covering of snow makes all the difference.

I spotted Whistlejacket in a tree by our house, looking a bit cold!

Back at home I put a few treats out for the birds, which they soon snapped up ....

Brenda the Blackbird lay in wait for any birds that dared to land on her table
The sparrows braved the wrath of Brenda

Mrs Blackcap snuck in when Brenda was distracted


  1. I think your right with some of your tracks. First one I think is a deer but a large deer bounding, 2nd I think is a dog, 3rd is a rabbit hopping. 4th no idea but looks like gingerbread men lol and lastly is a fox. I'm not great at prints but those are my guesses any way.

  2. Thanks - you're right the 4th one does look like a gingerbread man. Perhaps it was sledging down the hill which accounts for the straight lines!