Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Brush Hill wander

I've been struck down with the dreaded lurgy, so armed with my camera, Bug Mad Girl and Nanny Moth headed off to Brush Hill on their own this morning. It was really cold, but a beautiful sunny morning, just perfect for a wander through the woods.

They came home very excited that they'd seen a nuthatch (twice), a jay and they'd heard, but not seen a woodpecker. It sounds like there were lots of birds out enjoying the sunshine as they also saw blue tits, great tits, robins, blackbirds and crows.
A robin seemed to follow them through the woods

Blue tits flittered through the tops of the trees

Great tit
 A large tree had rotted through the centre of its trunk and snapped off, falling across the path.

The bluebells were growing well and they spotted some woodruff that should flower later in the spring.


The two ponds in the middle of the woods were frozen over and Bug Mad Girl unfortunately found it to hard to climb her favourite tree (too icy to climb in wellies!)

The newly created pond was covered in ice - it wasn't thick enough to stand
on though, or so I'm told! 

They managed to find some fungi - a nice bracket fungus and some King Alfred's cakes.

Bracket fungus

King Alfred's Cakes
Finally, they found signs that something, maybe a badger, had been digging.

Well done, BMG, lovely photos!  "Thankyou" from Bug Mad Girl

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