Sunday, 22 February 2015

Longwick Art Show

Bug Mad Girl had one of her pictures on display at Longwick Art Show this weekend. It was created with inks, wax crayons and a sprinkle of salt, apparently. She even made a sale, although it was me who bought it!

Well done - what a beautiful butterfly!


  1. Nice one Bug Mad Girl. I told you that you should do more artwork for this blog. That's a very accurate butterfly I say. Can't wait until the first swallowtails emerge later in the summer at Strumpshaw. I might try draw them again this year.

  2. Thanks Sean. You're very lucky to have swallowtails in your part of the world - beautiful butterflies!

    1. You're always welcome to visit Strumpshaw to see them. Best time to see them is June. We also have the rare Norfolk hawker dragonfly here too.

    2. Would love to - it sounds like such a wonderful place. Maybe one day!