Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day

The sun came out for about five minutes this morning, so Bug Mad Girl and I headed out into the garden. The birds were all singing their hearts out, making the most of a bit of sunshine and warmth.

Whistlejacket and his lady, our big love birds, were in their tree in the garden. Looks like they're definitely a pair as they are always together now.

A pair of robins curiously watched what we were doing, hopping around next to us and serenading us.

Bug Mad Girl found a peacock in the greenhouse, our first butterfly of the year. It had probably been hibernating in there all winter and was woken by the sunshine and heat in the greenhouse. We left it in there with the door open so it can fly out if it wants to.

Then we made a heart shaped wreath out of twigs and leaves and hung it on the silver birch tree ... Happy Valentines Day!


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