Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The fungi are starting to appear

I popped up to Brush Hill this morning to see what was about and it looks like the fungus is starting to grow. There were lots of tiny new fungi just starting to pop up everywhere. If we get the nice warm, damp weather we've been forecast then I think this weekend could be a good time to take Bug Mad Girl up there for another fungi hunt.

There was lots of Candlesnuff fungi just starting to grow out of the moss and I found a lovely little clump of Fairies' Bonnets.

#100DaysOfNature Day 84 - Candlesnuff Fungi

Fairies' Bonnets
There were lots of tiny Collared Parachute Mushrooms growing through the leaves. They were only just starting to appear and were about the size of a pin (hence the dodgy photos!) There was also quite a lot of Orange Coral Spot fungus growing on branches that had dropped onto the ground.

Collared Parachute Mushroom

Orange Coral Spot fungus
Bracket fungus was starting to grow on some of the rotting wood and I found a big Artist's Fungus growing on a tree stump.
Artist's Fungus

Bracket Fungus
I found some new King Alfred's Cakes and nearby there was something similar growing, but it was a lighter colour. Maybe this is newly grown King Alfred's Cakes that's yet to turn black (?).
King Alfred's Cakes
Maybe a baby cake?
There were some other fungi around, but I'm not sure of the names of these.

Maybe some sort of a Bolette - possibly a Penny Bun

Something spiky!

More spiky ones!
Finally, there was lots of Tar Spot Fungus growing on the Sycamore leaves. It doesn't harm the trees at all and is supposedly an indicator that the air quality is good.
Tar Spot Fungus on the Sycamore leaves

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