Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Highlights

September has seen Autumn start to make its presence felt. Bug Mad Girl went back to school, but we've still found time to have plenty of fun, including:
  • We finished our trip to Ireland, searching for (but not finding) a White-Tailed Sea Eagle
  • We put the moth trap out a few times and caught lots of moths. Favourites have to be the Burnished Brass, Autumn Thorn and the 'Bird-poo' moths. We also caught a black and orange Sexton Beetle and lots of Daddy Long Legs.
  • Autumn arrived in the Chilterns, with lots of berries and seeds everywhere. We found a lovely Juniper bush full of berries and some Chiltern Gentian.
  • Whiteleaf Cross was cleaned and looks great now
  • A pair of red kites have been spending a lot of time in our garden and our neighbours gardens. Fingers crossed for the squawk of fluffy little red kite chicks in the spring!
  • Bug Mad girl spotted a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and 2 Jays whilst out walking - both very exciting!
  • There have been lots of lovely fungus around, although it's been so dry in September that I think there will be an explosion of fungi as soon as we get a bit of rain.

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