Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Patio Hedgehog

A friend of Nanny Moth has a hedgehog that visits her patio every night for a snack. In fact, he's such a regular visitor that Nanny Moth has to pop round to put food out for him if her friend goes away. Bug Mad Girl stayed at Nanny Moth's, so she decided to do some detective work and take the trail camera round to see what the hedgehog gets up to in the night.

He visited a lot- in these photos, at 9pm, 12.30am and 3.20am, but they had 23 different visits recorded on the camera. It's hard to tell if it's the same hedgehog each time, but I thought the third photo might show a smaller one (but it could just be the angle of the photo).

A cat made an appearance a couple of times, but luckily the hedgehog was nowhere to be seen then!

There were lots of videos of the hedgehog as well. This one shows him having a really good dig in between the patio slabs. I assume he'd lost one of his treats in there.

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