Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A stroll around Yoesden Bank

I was out and about today and the sun was shining so I decided to take a quick walk around Yoesden Bank. It's one of the most amazing places and is like a little secret garden. In the summer it's alive with butterflies and insects and is a great place for orchids and the rare Chiltern Gentian. At this time of year, there's still plenty to see ...

I walked across a field and through a small stretch of wood, to appear at the top of the bank. The view was breathtaking, with chalk grassland stretching down to Radnage in the valley below and the rolling Chiltern hills sweeping all around, topped off by the autumnal colours of the Beech woodland. Best of all a Robin was singing it's heart out in a nearby bush and several Red Kites were gliding around overhead. Then 2 Buzzards flew past me and headed off along the bank and something (I think it was a fox) ran up through the hedge next to me and disappeared off into the woods. All this before I had even taken my first step onto the bank!

#100DaysOfNature Day 91
I received a lovely welcome from a Robin

The view of the grassland bank, with the woods behind and Radnage down
to the right at the bottom of the slope.

One of the Buzzards in the distance

2 Buzzards flew past and headed off into the woods
I walked up through the woods and right across the back of the bank to the end of the wooded area. I found a few patches of Candlesnuff fungus and some black spots on a few tree trunks, but I couldn't see any other fungus around.

A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood ...

I did find some very nice yellow lichen growing on some of the branches.

A family of Long Tailed Tits flew along through the trees with me for a while as I walked. I could hear them twittering and see them dashing around and they seemed quite happy to follow along with me. I also saw a couple of Jays fly into the woods and disappear amongst the trees.

At the end of the woods, I came out onto the grassland and walked bank along the bank to where I had started. There were still lots of wild flowers in bloom.



Rock rose

#100DaysOfNature Day 92 - Scabious

Self Heal

Wild Marjoram
There were also lots of berries such as sloes and hawthorn. I also found a lovely patch of Old Man's Beard.

Hawthorn berries

Old Man's beard
Yoesden Bank is being sold by the current owners. BBOWT are trying to raise the money to buy it so they can keep it like this. They need to raise 150K by the 7th November. I had a quick look at their website and it looks like they currently have 111K. You can find out more about this amazing site (and even donate if you want to) at

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