Friday, 3 June 2016

Springwatch Unsprung surprise

We've all been enjoying Springwatch and Springwatch Unsprung this week, but Bug Mad Girl has been particularly captivated by the live nest cams that you can watch online. Her favourite is the sparrowhawk, so she decided to draw it and send it to the programme.

She was over the moon when it was shown on tonight's programme!


  1. Well done. So it's your turn to be on Springwatch Unsprung. Can't believe it was a year ago when I was in the audience.

    1. Are you going again this year?

    2. Sadly not this year. But I will be going to the bird fair in Rutland in August (I believe I will only be there for the Friday). Who knows, I may see you there.

    3. Would like to go, but I haven't organised anything yet. Will have to look into it.