Thursday, 16 June 2016

#30DaysWild half way there!

We've completed the first half of 30 Days Wild and what a blast we've all been having.

The start of June coincided with the second half of half term, so there were lots of events organised by BBOWT that we could attend. We pond dipped at College Lake, watched the peregrine falcons in the market square in Aylesbury and visited the Wild Fair at the Oxford Natural History Museum.

We've also been going wild at home by playing in the stream, holding our own garden bioblitz, catching moths in our back garden for moth night and having tea up a tree. We've been on lots of local walks in the Chilterns, finding some stunning orchids and beautiful bugs.
Lesser stag beetle
Bug Mad Girl even drew a picture of the Springwatch sparrowhawk sitting on her eggs, which they showed on Unsprung.  

Most days have their own blog post where you can read about what we did and see some of our photos. There are a few days that haven't got their own post, so here's a bit of a catch up ...

On day 7 we counted how many species of birds we could see on the walk to school. We saw sparrows, crows, woodpigeons, jackdaws, magpies, red kites and blackbirds.

On day 9 we found a stunning eyed hawkmoth in the garden, just in time for the start of Moth Night.

On day 13 I cleaned the bird feeders and made some bird cake, using peanuts, cheese, mealworms, raisins and seed. They loved it!

The weather turned a bit damp, so for day 14 we counted slugs and snails on the walk to school and managed to see 43!
As for today, day 16, I've spent the morning watching the baby jackdaws that are nesting in our chimney pot. They've fledged today and are flying between the roof and the trees in the garden, making a racket and generally causing a commotion.
One of the baby jackdaws
Their chimney pot nest
 We've had a brilliant two weeks so far and are looking forward to the rest of June. We haven't got much planned so far, so we'll just have to see what turns up!

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