Friday, 3 June 2016

#30DaysWild Day 3: A day at the stream

Written by Bug Mad Girl...

Today we went down to the stream just behind our house. To get there, we had to walk across a big field full of dandelions, buttercups and lots of awesome bugs. I took the camera off Mum and wandered around to see what I could find. I got a close up of a dandelion.
Mum then had a turn with the camera, so I wandered back out into the long swishy grass to see what else I could find. After a while, I found a sawfly, which we think is either a green sawfly or a wasp sawfly!
Sawfly on a buttercup.
It has a very fluorescent stripe down it's abdomen.

There was a big long line of fluffy white cow parsley down the edge of the field. Very pretty!
After a bit more walking, we came to the stream, which was surrounded by lovely, squelchy, sticky... MUD!
Squelching in the mud.
Stuck in the mud!
We played in the stream for a while and my brother almost fell in. He managed to fill his wellies up with water (as usual!)

The flag irises were flowering and looked stunning.
We then walked along the edge of the stream, looking out for all the different wildlife. We started to come across snails, shiny beetles and all sorts of cool bugs hiding in the long moist grass and leaves.
A shiny dock beetle.

A red-headed cardinal beetle.
Amber snail

A few bees were around, even though it was a cold and grey day

Immature sloe shieldbug
Little black larvae
Soldier beetle crawling over my hand.

A fly

A bit further along, I came across some strange red buds (maybe roots) growing out of a tree trunk. So, I crawled over a tree trunk sticking out over the water to get some good shots.

I then spotted this awesome tree stretching over a small waterfall, which I HAD to climb up.

Rosie had a go at tree climbing as well.
Eventually though, we had to leave. On the way home, my brother and I played hide and seek with Rosie.
Looking for us
My brother trying to hide

Found you!

Running home!
It's been another brilliant wild day!

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