Sunday, 7 June 2015

May Highlights

May has been a lovely, flowery month. Here are some of our favourite bits:
  • The orchids started to bloom and we had a real treat at Bernwood Meadows where we were 'wowed' by ancient meadows full of Green-winged Orchids. We found Early Purple Orchids hiding under a Hawthorn bush at Aston Rowant Nature reserve and hunted down some tiny, but beautiful Fly Orchids at Dancersend.
Green-winged Orchid
  • We got up really early for a 5am walk around College Lake to celebrate International Dawn chorus Day.
  • We had a lot of fun taking photos of toy animals, trying to make them look like they were wild animals.
  • Saw incredibly rare Duke of Burgundy butterflies and spotted our first Painted Lady of the year on the top of Whiteleaf Hill.
Duke of Burgundy
  • We saw Green Hairstreaks, Slow-worms, Roman Snails and a Glow-worm larvae eating a snail - all on a trip to Aston Clinton Ragpits.
  • We found owl pellets, that we took home and dissected.
  • We joined a guided walk around Warburg nature reserve and saw an amazing eight orchids in flower, including Lesser and Greater Butterfly Orchids, Bird's-nest Orchids and Fly Orchids. 
Bird's-nest Orchid

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