Wednesday, 17 June 2015

#30DaysWild day 17: Back garden Red Kites

Kenny and Katrina are a pair of Red Kites that nest in my parents back garden and ask for food every morning and evening. If they're hungry they will sit in the trees outside my parents kitchen and peep in through the window. This picture of Katrina asking for her tea was taken through their kitchen window.

Back at home, Whistlejacket and his wife have returned to their favourite tree. It's about 3 gardens down from ours and they like to sit in the top of it, whistling at any birds that get close. They'd disappeared for a couple of months (possibly to nest?) and we hadn't seen them very often, but they seem to be back this week. Whistlejacket has been up in the tree, whistling, quite a lot over the last three days. His wife turns up and sits with him in the evenings. Maybe she's staying with their young during the day? We took these pictures from our back door.

Whistlejacket (on the left, whistling) and his wife - taken yesterday
They were back again this evening
We're very lucky to have the Red Kites so close and can watch them from the kitchen and see what they get up to.
Having a stretch ...

... and a bit of a shake ...
... and a poo!
If they do have young, maybe they'll bring them to sit in the tree soon as well.

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