Friday, 26 June 2015

#30DaysWild day 26: Red Kite babies

Our brilliant news for today is that Whistlejacket the Red Kite and his wife have two fledged babies. They brought them to say hello to us this evening and all four were sat in their tree. What a wonderful view to have from our back door!

They're all a bit soggy as it had been raining, but the parents are the two birds in the middle, with one baby each side. You can see the stubby tails on the babies as they haven't grown their long tail feathers yet.
The first baby is on the right
The second baby
Well done Whistlejacket family!


  1. Lovely! We don't have red kites here, just the occasional one is seen further south in the county so it's always a treat when I see a red kite!

  2. They're brilliant - we love having them around here and are very lucky to have so many so close.