Sunday, 21 June 2015

#30DaysWild day 21: Father's Day Red Kites

We spent the afternoon at my parents and Dad fed the Red Kites for us. They really are amazing birds and it's fantastic to see them right in front of you. The kids love it and we are really lucky to be able to sit in the garden and experience this.

I had a go at shooting a video of them today (I apologise for the camera work - I did my best!)
I've slowed down part of the video (as they are so fast), then it goes back to full speed in the second half. Watch out for the poor Blackbird that bravely tried to grab some chicken at the start of the video.

This second video shows the kites chasing each other mid-air and really shows how agile they are. Again the first part is slowed down (hence the funny voices), then it goes to full speed.

What a treat for Father's Day!

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