Monday, 11 May 2015

On safari

As well as all the other things we've been up to this weekend, we've been on a very quick safari. Bug Mad Girl got some nice shots of the wildlife!
Watch out!

A zebra in the long grass

Tiger resting up a tree after a big lunch

Rhino hidden in the undergrowth

Jungle elephant

On the way back we stopped off in Egypt ...

and had a few minutes to take some snaps at the South Pole!

Just kidding! She's been taking photos for a photo competition organised by BBC Wildlife magazine. You have to set up photos using toy animals and to try and make them look as realistic as possible. I think they're pretty good, but all just a bit of fun! 

We can't decide which ones we like the best, so may have to enter them all.

To have a go as well, take a look at

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