Saturday, 23 May 2015

Big Nature Day

We spent a really enjoyable morning at the Big Nature Day, organised by the Natural History Museum in Tring.  There were stands for local and national wildlife groups and the kids got to see, hold, touch, draw and ask questions about all sorts of British Wildlife.

We met a bat called Rose, who has a broken wing and visits all sorts of events helping to educate people about how cool bats are.

A local bee group had a display of bees and we got to have a good look at some beeswax. Then the kids rolled candles to take home.

Rolling candles

We decorated pots and planted lettuce and pea seeds to take home.

A little bit of compost made it into the pot!
We looked at a display of items carved from boxwood and met the Box Witch. Legend has it that if you grow box by your front door you'll keep the witches away, as they'll sit in the bush and count all the leaves and not enter your house. Afterwards they couldn't resist climbing a huge box tree in the garden.

The Box Witch

Display comparing Box, Holly and Yew

We did some bug hunting in the tank at the OPAL stand and Bug Mad Girl found a new best friend in a Leopard Slug. We also signed up to do some surveys, including an air survey (with lichens), a water survey (using our garden pond) and a bug count in the back garden. Sounds like some good things to do over half term, or maybe for #30DaysWild!
Bug hunting with a magnifying glass

Leopard Slug
We also talked to BBOWT, RSPB, Butterfly Conservation and looked at a display of local wildlife by the museum. Then we headed into the museum and had a really good look at their displays of moths, butterflies and bugs. Needless to say Bug Mad Girl would like all of them as pets!

I liked the fake Merman (the head of a monkey on the body of a fish) and the kids were quite taken with a bronze statue of a Giant Tortoise.
Japanese Monkey Fish - a fake Merman

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