Wednesday, 6 May 2015

If you go down to the woods today ...

Today has been all about the bears ... teddy bears!

Little Brother and his class had a school trip to College Lake today, so I joined them to help out. I have to say that, despite the rain and wind, it was one of the best school trips I've been on. The kids had a brilliant day, playing games, listening to stories and being creative, all whilst engaging with their environment and learning about the basic essentials that all wildlife needs to survive.

The staff were great! It's not easy to keep the attention of 26 four and five year olds, but they kept them interested and entertained. They even managed to answer all of the 'unusual' questions they were asked.

Claire breaks the news to the children that Edward bear's hidden their lunch!
Catherine tells the children a story before they have
a go at making their own rainbows
Baby bird watchers!
The kids made a new habitat for their bears
The kids even got to take their teddies on the trip and have a teddy bears picnic at lunchtime.

Well done BBOWT and College Lake. You're doing a great job for our children!

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