Sunday, 5 April 2015

March highlights

Happy Easter! 

With spring finally here, we're both really looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days. We've still managed to have lots of adventures in March though and some of our favourite things have been:
  • Setting the trail camera up in the woods and actually catching some badger action at the sett.
  • Looking for signs of spring: buds, flowers, bluebell shoots, nesting birds, butterflies, bumble bees etc.
  • We've had an on-going mystery with lots of the yellow meadow ant hills being dug open on Brush Hill. I also discovered that much of the disturbed soil was full of seed heads. Probably badgers doing it, but why? Do badgers eat ants and why are there masses of seed heads in ant hills?
  •  A beautiful jay came and ate peanuts on the patio and posed for some photos. They are usually very shy so it was a real treat to see one up close.
  • The red kites have been keeping us amused as usual. I tried to get them to land on the lawn, but they were too clever for me!
  • We had a brilliantly windy week in Hayling Island where we saw all sorts of wonderful wildlife, including oystercatchers, redshank, a fabulous fox, a song thrush, a linnet, starfish, anemones and fossils.

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  1. I know that badgers will eat anything and I think yellow ants harvest seeds for the colony, though I'm not sure. I'm hoping to see some badgers this week if the weather is good. Fingers crossed.