Monday, 20 April 2015

Brush Hill blue, white and gold

Brush Hill was a riot of blue, white and gold this morning. The bluebells were starting to bloom and were carpeting the floor of the woods. They still weren't at their peak, but were putting on an impressive display nonetheless.

Everybody loves a bluebell!

Patches of sunshine yellow celandines were dotted throughout the woods.

Our snail looked cozy in amongst the celandines

Is the fence keeping the bluebells in or the celandines out?
The smaller, more dainty clumps of sparkling white wood anemones were stunning.

Wood anemones with Brush Hill behind

What a brilliant time of the year for our woodland flowers. They're making the most of the sunlight before the leaves appear and blanket the woods in shade.

Out on the chalk grassland slopes, the blackthorn hedges looked like they were covered in confetti.

I found a brimstone butterfly hiding under a nettle leaf. With her wings closed she was brilliantly camouflaged.

Then I was admiring the view when a pheasant walked past.

I love the view from Brush Hill

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  1. Nice. I wish I knew a place in Norfolk to see wood anemones like that. I'm jealous!