Sunday, 19 April 2015

A family fit for nature

A group of nature lovers called A Planet Fit For Nature have been running a great competition to look for A Family Fit For Nature. To enter you have to make a video saying why nature is important to your family and what you would do with the massive stash of nature-related prizes to make a positive difference to the natural world.

Today we finished off our family's video and entered the competition. Bug Mad Girl worked really hard on it, doing all the filming and most of the narrating (with a few interesting moments from Little Brother). I helped edit the video together because that can be a bit tricky. Really proud of all their hard work and what a fantastic memento of their childhood (to be dragged out at inappropriate moments when they're older!)

You can see the video on YouTube at A Family Fit For Nature video.

It's not too late to enter your own video. You have until the end of April and can find details at

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