Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Very busy birds

The birds in the garden seem to have become much more active over the last few days, almost frantically feeding. Perhaps they know we have cold weather on the way and are getting ready!

We've had several blue tits all over the big silver birch tree in the garden . I assume they're eating the seeds, but maybe they're after bugs (it's a bit too far away to tell).

They've been using the peanut feeder stuck to the kitchen window as well, which gives us a close up look at them in action.

4 or 5 blackbirds have stripped the berries off a tree on the patio. They've had a lovely time feasting on them.

The sparrow family seem extra busy and even the cheeky squirrels seem to be stocking up!

Something seems to be up .... or maybe they just know it's winter now!

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