Saturday, 13 December 2014

Gemenids meteor shower

We've been on an adventure tonight, walking around Whiteleaf Hill in the dark and looking for meteors. The event was organized by the Chiltern Society and there were about 30 of us. It was quite strange walking around very familiar tracks in the darkness. We all had torches, but there was definitely a sense of safety in numbers - I would have been a bit spooked if I was on my own!

Bug Mad Girl loved it and talked the entire time (usually a sign that she's excited about whatever we're doing). We didn't hear any owls or see any animals, but we heard a few rustles in the bushes - I suspect the wildlife heard us all coming!

We saw lots of meteors. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was a great night to see the Gemenids meteor shower.

The night time view of Princes Risborough from up above the cross was fantastic.

It was very cold though! After walking down the hill then back up to the cross we were all roasting hot, but as soon as we stopped to look for meteors, we soon cooled down again. Even with lots of layers on, half an hours star gazing was about all we could take and we headed home to warm up and have a mulled wine.

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