Saturday, 21 May 2016

Badgers and beavers

I helped the beavers (cubs for 6 and 7 year olds) build dens in the woods yesterday evening. One of them found a skull, which caused great excitement as it had very big teeth and was a bit stinky!

I think it must be a badgers skull, judging by the shape and the tufty white fur still on it. It really shows how strong and powerful a badgers bite must be and aren't the teeth shiny and white.

I was tempted to take it home for Bug Mad Girl, but I had nothing to put it in and it was quite smelly. I think it may have been a step too far for hubby too!

The dens turned out to be excellent and no beavers were injured in the making of them (although there were a few near misses!) Ours won the prize for the den you'd most want to sleep in (although I'm not too sure I'd sleep in it). My son was officially invested into the beavers while we were there which was really lovely.

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