Monday, 3 August 2015

Wait! Ddddid I ju.. just see a dra... dragon!?!?!?

Another blog post written by Bug Mad Girl...

Today we went to college lake, a nature reserve looked after by BBOWT. When we got there we found out that the warden had lost the pages from his diary so we set off around the lake to find them.

The challenge was to find the missing diary pages
The view of the lake as we walked around was lovely.
We found the missing diary pages as we walked around.

We looked out into the lake in case there was a dragon out there and looked around for clues!
Dragon watching
The dragon had eaten rabbit for lunch!
Some geese were hiding from the dragon in the long grass.

Then we saw it - a dragon in the lake! RUNNNNN

We ran as fast as we could until we were safely away from the dragon. On the way we saw loads of butterflies, moths, bright blue damselflies, a gigantic fly and some mating bees.

Small blue

6-spot burnet moth


We reached a bus shelter at the far end of the reserve and decided to sit there for a while and catch our breath. We wrote notes to the warden and left them in the shelter.

My brother writing his note - his said "I am a robin" !?!
My note!
We carried on walking round and saw lots of very pretty flowers that were covered in bees and flies.

We could see right across the lake back to the visitor centre.

We even found a little hobbit house so we popped in to take a look.

Further round the path we reached a meadow with some wooden log seats in it. We carefully lifted them up and found lots of frogs, some tiny toads and newts underneath!!


We popped into the barn to have a look at the nestbox cameras and found two very sleepy glis glis on one of them. Glis glis are edible dormouse and are only found in this area, as they originally escaped from captivity at Tring Park, which is not far from College Lake.
Steve Backshall was in the barn so we gave him a quick cuddle, then went outside to see if we could spot any birds.
Cuddling cardboard Steve

It was very exciting and we had a brilliant afternoon.


  1. I have a huge smile from reading your blog post on this rainy morning, I'm keeping my eyes open for dragons too :) Catherine @ College Lake

  2. Always a good idea to look out for dragons! Glad you enjoyed the blog post!