Saturday, 22 August 2015

Purple power

I took Bug Mad Girl and her little brother up to Yoesden Bank at lunchtime today. Both were excited to be going, but it was so hot that the little one turned into a moaning, whining monster and demanded to be taken home almost as soon as we got there. I have to admit it was pretty uncomfortable so we only managed a quick look around before I gave in and marched him back to the car. It's days like today that I start to count the days until school starts back!

Anyway, it soon became clear that purple's the floral colour of the moment as the bank was covered in knapweed and field scabious, which the bees and butterflies were loving.
Knapweed - loved by the bees and butterflies
There was also lots of chiltern gentian flowering, which is similar to autumn gentian but with slightly larger flowers. It's quite rare as it's only found in the Chilterns and is the county flower of Buckinghamshire.


We walked along the bank and through to the hole in the woods, a hidden glade in the middle of the trees. Last time we were there it was covered in devil's-bit scabious buds, so I was hoping they would be in flower and putting on a magnificent display. It was still a little bit too early for them though as there were a few in flower, but most were still in bud. I think we'll have to go back in another week to see their real show!
Devil's-bit scabious, with little mallets sticking out

Most are still to flower - should be a wonderful display when they do
Bug Mad Girl couldn't resist chasing a few grasshoppers and crickets around and we enjoyed the masses of chalkhill blue butterflies that were whizzing all around us. I had hoped there might be some adonis blues up there, but didn't really get the chance to have a good look. Next time!

Chalkhill blue male

Chalkhill chase!

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