Thursday, 13 August 2015

Violet helleborines

I've been keeping an eye on the violet helleborines on Brush Hill for the last few weeks now so was really pleased to see they had started flowering when I was there at the weekend for a 'beasts of the night' event. It was pitch black so I only saw them by torchlight, so I've been back to see them in the daylight.

They grow in deep shade, so even during the day it was pretty dark and gloomy.


I was surprised how tall some of the plants were. They've been bent over for the last few weeks, only straightening out recently to flower.

Somebody obviously loves them and is looking after them. They'd placed logs around the base of many of the plants presumably to deter feet (both human and dog) from standing on them. Just hope nobody trips over the logs and sits on them though!

They'd also built up a barrier of sticks and branches around one of their locations. They're not completely blocked off, but they're better protected than they were. Although there are at least four flowering in the car park, so they're a little bit more vulnerable.

Most of the violet helleborines are behind there!
They are such beautiful flowers and we are really very lucky to have them growing just up the road from us. 

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