Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Computer says no!

The wise owls on the RSPB forum have decided our big black bird is in fact ... a carrion crow and not a raven. Wrong nasal feathers and the bill isn't long or thick enough, apparently. She (no idea if it's male or female) is still a whopper though and seems to like sitting at the end of our garden, so could be fun to watch. We're calling her Rowena Ravencrow, the crow that wasn't quite a raven!

I've scrapped my plans to rename our house the "White Tower" and I won't now be remodeling the garden using a Tower Green theme! Probably all for the best!

Whilst I'm on crows, I saw this one (not Rowena Ravencrow, as it's not big enough) early yesterday morning in a tree across the road. It was fanning out it's tail and bobbing up and down, whilst letting out a lovely loud crowy "caww", before pausing and doing it all again. Looked lovely dancing up and down against the dawn sky. I pity the poor person that has their bedroom window next to that tree though as it was having a lovely time and was making quite a racket.

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