Sunday, 25 January 2015

A raven in the garden?

I was making breakfast this morning when I noticed an enormous black bird in a tree just outside the garden. It was far bigger than a crow or a rook - they sit around in the trees all the time. It was it's size that first caught my attention, similar to a red kite sat in a tree, so I grabbed the camera and crept outside to get a better look.

It was sat there calling to a second one that I could hear calling back, but couldn't see. It seemed quite confident and wasn't worried about me being there at a distance. It only flew away when I moved a bit too close. It's call sounded a bit like a crows, but louder and harsher.

There are supposed to be a few ravens around here, but they're pretty uncommon and I've never seen a wild one before. Does anybody know if that is a raven? If not, I guess it must have been a massive crow, but I hope it was a raven!


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