Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sparrow Hawk Attack

I was just watching the evening news, when a small flash shot into a low bush just outside the window. I assume it was a Sparrow, although I can't be sure as it was travelling so fast. Hot on its heels was a Sparrow Hawk, obviously after its supper. The hedge was too thick for the Hawk and it crashed into the top of it and sat there for a few seconds looking a bit stunned. Then it gathered itself together and flew off.

With wild eyes, hooked beak and ferocious talons, the Sparrow Hawk looked like a fearsome hunter - not this time though as the crafty Sparrow escaped into the dense bush.

Much more exciting than the news and it all happened about 6' away from me, even though there was a window between us. No time to grab the camera unfortunately.

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