Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playing with the froglets

With the weather warming up, I finally got round to cleaning up the pond in our back garden. I pulled out some of the duck weed, cut back a few reeds and weeds and generally had a bit of a tidy up. To my surprise there were lots of little froglets (at least 9) in the pond and they all seemed to be quite comfortable with me crashing around near them.

Last summer we put some tadpoles into the pond (rescued from Nanny's pond - she has lots of big fish that love to eat tadpoles) but we never saw them again. I can only assume that they actually made it to semi-adulthood and have become members of our froggery. We made Toad Hall last summer, so perhaps they even over-wintered in there.

It's all too much for Bug Mad Girl and she just can't resist trying to hold them. Amazingly, they don't seem to mind too much and haven't made a run for it yet.  I'm not sure the pond is big enough to support that many adult frogs, so I expect some will disappear eventually, but at the moment they are fun to have around.
Toad Hall - made last summer and possibly used in the winter

One of our army of froglets

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