Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Baby Blackbirds (2)

The baby Blackbirds are growing fast and Mum and Dad are always busy finding them worms to eat. I have seen the parents on the bird feeders a little more in the last few days (particularly on the bird cake and fat balls), so they may have started feeding them something a little more substantial now.

Mummy Blackbird with a baby sticking it's beak out of the nest
I noticed both parents on high alert earlier this morning. Dad was in the Silver Birch above the nest and Mum was on the back of one of the chairs on the patio. Both looked very anxious, with their tails stuck up in the air and their wings flapping at their sides. They were obviously upset about something, then I saw a magpie strutting around on the grass in front of their bush. The Magpie must have been at least 3 times the size of Daddy Blackbird, but he was very brave and did a great job defending his brood. He postured and flapped and eventually chased the Magpie away. Both parents stayed on high alert for the next 10 minutes, then seemed to relax again.

It's interesting that the Blackbirds don't care about other birds near the nest, even the large ones like the Wood Pigeons. Magpies definitely upset them though! I guess they know they are trouble and will steal the eggs or chicks. I just hope the Magpies aren't clever enough to know that upset Blackbirds mean a nest is near by ... I guess we shall see!

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