Saturday, 6 August 2016

Brunch on a branch

Tea up a tree was one of our favourite #30DaysWild activities, so the kids were keen to do it again. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and their cousin from Ireland has been staying with us, so we packed up a picnic and set off for our Robin Hood tree.

There really is something extra special about climbing up into a tree with your picnic and eating it up in the branches. I left the kids to it yesterday and didn't climb the tree this time!

They had a wonderful time up in the tree.

We all enjoyed the stunning views of the Vale of Aylesbury...

 ... and chased a few butterflies around.

 Then made our way home again.

When we got home, the sun had brought the butterflies out of hiding and two peacocks and a red admiral spent the afternoon on the buddleia bush. It finally felt like summer!


Red Admiral

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