Saturday, 13 August 2016


I have been lucky enough to have a piece of writing included in this wonderful book about Autumn.

Autumn is the third in a series of books by the Wildlife Trust, containing both old and new writing about each of the seasons. The blurb on the book says it contains extracts from classic texts, new work from established nature writers and pieces by Wildlife Trust supporters. I fall into the enthusiastic Wildlife Trust supporter category!  I also had a piece of writing included in Spring.

My contribution to the book was about the beautiful Chiltern gentian and devil's bit scabious that flower at Yoesden in the Autumn, as well as some of the wonderful wildlife that can be found there. One of my absolute favourite places!

Chiltern gentian

Devil's bit scabious
Crab spider

Great green bush cricket
The book will be available from the 25th August and you can find out more at

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