Friday, 15 April 2016


The garden was eerily quiet this morning. Usually it's a hive of activity on the feeders outside the kitchen window, with squabbling starlings, chirping sparrows, delicate blue tits clinging onto the peanut feeders and our very friendly robin nosing in the window. But this morning there were no birds to be seen. Even the blackbirds that always seem to be rushing around the garden or picking up food from the patio were missing. It all seemed a bit odd .... then I looked up in the silver birch tree and spotted the reason the garden was deserted. A male sparrowhawk was quietly sat there, with his beady orange eyes scanning the garden, just waiting for an unsuspecting sparrow to put in an appearance.

Luckily, the garden birds had realised he was there and disappeared. After a few minutes he flew off, without any breakfast, but it took a good hour for the birds to feel safe enough to reappear. What a magnificent visitor, although I'd prefer it if he didn't eat our sparrow family!

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