Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bug hunting, tree climbing and looking for slowworms

I took Bug Mad Girl to the Ragpits at Aston Clinton today as she wanted to look for slowworms. She checked under every metal sheet, but there were none there today.

She didn't seem to mind and amused herself by running up and down the slopes, climbing trees and hunting for bugs. A pretty good morning for a bug mad girl!

There were lots of big bumble bees flying around and the dandelions and primroses were full of smaller bees and hoverflies. We didn't see any butterflies today though.

She found a wasp sitting on one of the fallen tree trunks, plenty of woodlice underneath the loose bark and  a ladybird that soon flew off when she disturbed it.

The flowers at the Ragpits are very special, particularly the orchids that will cover the slopes in a few weeks time. Today the primroses were shining and looking beautiful in the sunshine. I found one little pink one in amongst all the yellow flowers. 

The first cowslips were in flower on one of the slopes and tiny violets were hiding in amongst the grass. 
Best of all, the first orchids were just starting to show their leaves and even a few buds. I think they're probably twayblades, but it's the first signs of orchids I've seen this year and is very exciting. Can't wait!
The orchids are on their way!

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