Thursday, 8 October 2015

Yoesden Bank

I arrived at Yoesden Bank early this morning, before 9am, and it felt so calm and peaceful, as if our secret garden was only just starting to wake up. I was met at the gate by a small family of long-tailed tits that skipped around in the top of a tree, tweeting and chattering, before moving on. I could hear a green woodpecker calling in the woods nearby, then I stepped out from the trees onto the bank. It never fails to take my breath away and has to be one of my favourite views.

I decided to walk through the woods behind the bank, as I hoped there might be lots of fungi around. However I was quite surprised how little I could find, although these pretty little bonnets were growing on a fallen tree trunk and there was some nice jelly ear growing.

Burgundydrop bonnets

Jelly ear - looking a lot like an ear!

Jelly ear
I disturbed a muntjac deer that shot out from behind a log right in front of me and bounded off through the woods, making me jump. Then I headed up the path to the hole in the woods, a clearing full of devil's-bit scabious. It was still flowering well and looked lovely in the morning sunlight.

Devil's-bit scabious

Devil's-bit scabious
Some harebells were still flowering and their delicate bell shaped flowers looked so beautiful covered in drops of morning dew.

I walked back along the bank and was surprised how many flowers were still in bloom, including field scabious, kidney vetch and ragged robin. I disturbed several meadow browns as I walked through the grass and the red kites circled overhead watching what I was doing.
Ragged robin

Kidney vetch
I paused for a while to enjoy the view, then headed for home through the meadow. A green woodpecker landed on a fence post nearby, shouted goodbye to me, then flew its low, undulating flight back to the trees. It looked like its beak was covered in mud where it had been digging around for ants.

 I never fail to be surprised and delighted by a trip to Yoesden Bank and just love our secret garden.

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