Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rooftop kite

Since their reintroduction 25 years ago, red kites have gone from strength to strength in the Chilterns and are very at home here. We see them every day and they seem quite happy living in the towns and villages, so much so that it would be more unusual not to see one than to see one. My parents have a pair that nest in their back garden every year, a pair nest in a tree next to the playground by the church and we have Whistlejacket, who sits in a tree a couple of gardens away from us and whistles all day.
The view from our back door - Whistlejacket sits in this tree every day
whistling at any other birds that fly near
But this is a new one on me ... one of our local red kites has taken to sitting on the TV aerial on the roof. I've seen it there twice now, so it obviously likes it. It's quite common to see them sat in the tops of tall trees, but not sat on the top of somebodies roof, like a pigeon! This one is obviously very at home!

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